Owning, or starting, your own business is exciting. You get to be the boss, call the shots, build and develop a team, and turn your ideas into products and services.

It can also be daunting and lonely. Who helps you stay clear on your goals, the ones that got you into business in the first place? Who motivates you to realise them, keeps you on track and accountable, encourages your growth and development, and celebrates the wins with you?

A coach can help with that.

So what is coaching?

A coach’s role is to facilitate, enable and assist another person, the ‘coachee’, to focus on positive change. The role of a coach is to help people think better, not to tell them what to do and having some understanding about the brain can increase the opportunity to improve both the coach and coachee’s thinking to this end.

Coaching can involve a little reflection but is better served by focusing forwards.

A coach’s role is not to tell you how to think, act or what course to take, instead they’re there to facilitate a conversation and allow a discussion to unfold in a way that is helpful.

Coaching is not counselling, or consulting, mentoring or training and it’s not managing the coachee. I will rarely ask my clients a ‘why’ question, instead it’s about ‘how’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘who’.

A good coach doesn’t do the job for the you, instead they support you to do it better yourself. A coach doesn’t need to know everything about what you do in your job or business, often (contrary to the adage) knowing only a little rather than a lot helps as a coach. An effective coach doesn’t drive an agenda; that’s driven by the coachee. What they will do is assist you to create the agenda, if you don’t have one already, help you build future-focused goals and support you to achieve them. Moving forward, not looking backwards.

Coaching is about helping you to be more of who you already are and who you have the potential to be, it’s a learning journey.

Every brain is different and therefore every coaching experience will be different too.

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