Brain based coaching

Our coaching takes a neuroscience approach, and is all about facilitating positive change by improving thinking – supporting individuals to be the best they can be.   

Coaching is delivered within a structured framework, over a series of coaching sessions; establishing clear and specific goals and implementing strategies and actions to achieve, and maintain, those goals.  

The coach’s role is to facilitate insight-driven coaching conversations, goal setting, and habit building.

Coaching sessions

Prior to any coaching engagement a pre-coaching conversation is arranged to explain the coaching process and establish the coaching needs.  Coaching engagements are designed to fit the individual; the number of sessions and frequency (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) will be defined at this time to fit those needs.

We also provide you with a Values Indicator workbook to help identify your core values and assist with goal setting.

Each coaching session in the series is one hour long and conducted over the phone.

A workbook and various tools are provided throughout the coaching engagement to deepen the coaching experience.


Who can benefit from coaching?  Everyone.  To tap the hidden potential of your team – facilitating better individual thinking, influences overall team performance.   To start a new career, move forward from a redundancy, focus on a promotion or a change of direction in an existing company.  To build better habits and achieve personal goals.


We also provide mentoring for senior managers looking for a confidential and independent sounding board on a specific project or longer term development opportunities.

Contact us for a confidential discussion on how we can help you or your team.

“I would highly recommend Coaching with Sharon, it has certainly been life-changing for me.”

Business owners, solopreneurs & entrepreneurs, are you clear on your goals?

Owning your own business is exciting. You get to be the boss, call the shots, build and develop a team, and turn your ideas into products and services.

It can also be daunting and lonely. Who helps you stay clear on your goals, the ones that got you into business in the first place? Who motivates you to realise them, keeps you on track and accountable, encourages your growth and development, and celebrates the wins with you?

We support business owners by doing exactly that.

We help you to get unstuck, improve your personal performance, set and achieve work and life goals, build new habits and tap into your hidden potential.