Sharon Stanley


Sometimes you need to look outside for new ideas

Whether you call it sales, account management or client relationship management at the end of the day it’s all about building strong client relationships, selling value and making a profit.

If you’re a small to medium size business or a start-up you’re probably running a lean team or trying to juggle working on the business whilst working in the business too.  You may have a project, evaluation or change that is important to the business, however hiring another full-time employee at this stage won’t deliver the required return on investment.

With growth comes greater demands, employees, projects and new clients to win and implement, whilst ensuring you don’t lose focus on those existing clients that got you to where you are today.  Perhaps you started out as a one wo(man) band and as your business has grown and you’ve employed a team, the management of clients has simply evolved.  Sales and account management is not your expertise – delivering and developing the unique product or service that started your business is.

How we can help - outsourcing and consulting solutions

We provide outsource and consulting solutions to fulfil ad hoc or specialist sales and account management needs for small to medium size businesses of all types.  Engagements can be short-term and one off, longer-term or on retainer depending on your need and budget.

Whether you require a resource to manage a client project, respond to a significant tender, fill a short-term leadership role, design client specific solutions or completely overhaul your account management offering, we can provide the right solution for your business.  Recommendations can be provided to be implemented in house by your own team, or we can manage the implementation and change management on your behalf.

With an initial engagement, we spend time in your business to allow us to tailor the solutions or recommendations to your business and client needs.  Determining the time spent is based on the depth of detail required to fulfil the project or engagement.

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How we can help - one on one coaching for your team or yourself

Coaching to get unstuck and achieve goals

Facilitated by a Results Trained Coach and drawing on neuroscience, our coaching program is designed with the brain in mind, utilising research based tools and skills to facilitate insight-driven coaching conversations, goals setting and habit building. The coaching approach is solution focused, with a structured process of setting goals, creating strategies and executing actions to achieve objectives.

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Transition to Account Management training

Looking to move into your first client account management role? Have an employee who lacks experience but with the right training would be a great fit for your AM team? If so then our new Transition to Account Management coaching program is for you.

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