Overall if you are brand new or considering taking on an account management role, this is a great starter course. It gives a good insight into what the role actually is and what is expected of you. Definitely recommend! 

Josh, Account Manager
Transition to Account Management coaching program participant 

Going through a very fragile time in business and an integration of mammoth proportions, I sought some guidance which came in the form of Sharon Stanley. A trusted industry peer who I have known for more than 10yrs and after an initial consultation I could think of nobody better to trust in my thoughts, insights and careful but subtle guidance into a big new world.

When you think you can handle it all, sometimes an outside, knowledgeable, patient person who you can 100% trust in confidentiality can help you see the light and share that load. That was in the form of Sharon. An amazingly talented person who somehow helped steer me through the deep waters and boosted my confidence and boy did it shine through when I needed it.

I cannot recommend Sharon highly enough.

Sarah Bush
Coaching Client

I have had the pleasure of working with Sharon in various roles over the years. Initially as a client, then a supplier, a colleague and most recently working with Sharon in her copywriting discipline.

In every iteration, Sharon has not only been a delight to work with but has always shown that she is very capable and totally reliable.

Incredibly meticulous, she brings to each job an open and curious mindset, asking insightful questions at the outset (and along the way, if required) to ensure the brief, the audience and objectives are well understood and agreed.

Because of this initial thought and work and her excellent wordsmithing, it has been, in my experience, very rare that any copy needed to be amended, even for a typo.

I recommend Sharon highly if you have any business writing requirements, be they social media articles and posts, response to tenders or general commercial copywriting.

Sue Graham
Copywriting Client

I was looking for a copywriter to help me build consistency with my social media posts on LinkedIn and Facebook. And I was so lucky to meet with Sharon! What I loved about working with Sharon was that she took the time to get a deep understanding of the brand’s voice and the outcomes I was aiming for.

One of the key challenges I had was finding someone who could write in my voice and create posts that my potential clients would connect with and find value in.
Sharon did an amazing job at distilling key messages and writing a relatable and to-the-point copy.

From the get-go, and with the first post, impressions jumped from less than 1000 on LinkedIn to over 17000. Within a week, I received more than 40 invitations to connect with people who direct messaged me to say how much they appreciated the post and looking forward to reading more!

Carole Issa
Leadership Activators

I recently engaged Sharon to write some blogs for my business. It was such an easy process. Sharon recorded a short presentation I gave at an event and created three quality blogs using my talk as the foundation, adding extra statistics and details to give more depth to the finished products. She also captured my voice and tone and I’m really happy with the result.

It saved me time and effort and they are professional ready-to-publish blogs!

Cheryl Alderman – Managing Director

Sharon’s coaching was very effective and helped me so much in my role as a Team Leader.  She helped expand my thinking and interpersonal skills which encouraged me not only in my career but also in my personal life.

Her coaching helped me to set goals and along the way I learnt new and different ways to problem solve and deal with different situations.

Thank you so much Sharon I’ve grown so much from your coaching.

Coaching Client

We all talk about goals, taking action, making decisions, however for me, I found this to be very difficult to actually put into practice. Having worked for Sharon in the past and thrived under her leadership I knew embarking on a Coaching course with her would add value and insight.

Over the past 8 sessions I have been guided to understanding my true goals, to be motivated by them, to utilise simple tools to keep me focussed and to monitor progress. I have learnt a lot about myself and Sharon has the ability to listen, cut to the heart of the matter and often ask thought provoking questions or suggest an alternative perspective.

I achieved 2 of my 3 goals and am well on the way to achieving my 3rd. I am in a totally different space to where I was before I started Coaching and can apply the same tools to all future goals. The pace and length of the sessions were suited to my timetable, the worksheets were easy to follow and understand.

I would highly recommend Coaching with Sharon, it has certainly been life-changing for me.

Coaching Client

We are delighted to recommend and endorse Sharon Stanley as an amazing person and business to work with.

Having had a very good working relationship with Sharon in a previous role, we took immediate advantage of employing her services when she started her own consulting business Sharon Stanley Consulting. At that time, The Travel Authority was seeking to improve our account management structure and processes, and through her experience on both, the client and TMC sides, Sharon was able to achieve this goal promptly and efficiently for us, setting our business up for further growth. This project included the coaching of our staff as well as re-organising our entire account management process.

Since then, we have also engaged Sharon on numerous tenders, and we have found Sharon’s contribution invaluable, not just during the actual tender and proposal writing process, but also through her involvement in client meetings and presentations.

Sharon’s professionalism, integrity, in-depth knowledge of market trends, technology and the travel industry in general have made her an integral part of our business, and we are thrilled to be working with Sharon on an ongoing basis.

Peter Hosper, Managing Director
The Travel Authority

It is with pleasure that I write this testimonial for Sharon Stanley and her consulting business.

Sharon assisted us with a very large tender submission and added enormous assistance to the process and the rest of our tender team. Her extensive industry insight was only surpassed by her professionalism and project management skills. She acted as the Tender Lead and Document Manager and excelled in bringing the process, and the team, together.

I have no reservations in recommending Sharon for any project she sees fit to undertake.

Steve Mackenzie, Chief Executive Officer
The Lido Group