Looking for a way to support disadvantaged women this International Women’s Day?

March 3, 2022By sharonMaking a difference, Sharon Stanley Consulting, Social Responsibility, Uncategorized

International Women’s Day is right around the corner: 8 March, 2022. This year we are supporting Dress for Success and Empower Hour in their mission to transition more than 700 women from welfare to the workforce. Empower Hour is a pay it forward campaign. We are asking you to pledge one hour of your pay … Read More

Have you had to stand down (furlough) employees due to COVID-19? Don’t let them become your forgotten people.

April 16, 2020By sharonCOVID-19, Leadership, Leading, Making a difference

Over the past couple of months, as the world adjusts to a new way of working, I’ve seen plenty of articles and webinars for managers on how to lead and manage a workforce that is now working from home.  Great advice on how to keep teams motivated, engaged, healthy and productive.  I think this is … Read More

This International Women’s Day you can help change the lives of disadvantaged Australian women.

February 27, 2019By sharonMaking a difference, Sharon Stanley Consulting

Did you know that at any given time in New South Wales, more than 100,000 women are looking for work and facing financial strife?  It’s not an easy road, but Dress for Success is paving the way for struggling Australian women to achieve financial independence. Dress for Success are our chosen women’s charity to support … Read More

Are you doing these 8 things to optimise mental performance?

September 24, 2018By sharonCoaching, Daily life, Making a difference, Neuroscience, Productivity, Sharon Stanley Consulting, Tips

Imagine you’re planning to run a marathon, you prepare your body accordingly; building up your fitness, eating the right foods (maybe cutting back on the after work drinks) and getting a good night’s sleep the evening before the big event. However, do you ensure your brain is in peak condition before making an significant decision, … Read More

The 17 Global Goals

September 28, 2015By sharonMaking a difference, Uncategorized

Imagine a world where even half of these Global Goals are achieved. I live in the belief that each person’s small change must add up to a greater change for good. #globalcitizen Our home is worth protecting. https://youtu.be/7GjLa5kfDfA    

Dressing for Success for Economic Independence

June 6, 2015By sharonMaking a difference, Uncategorized

I have the great pleasure of volunteering from time to time (not nearly often enough) at Dress for Success Sydney, a brilliant organisation who’s mission is to enable disadvantaged women to gain economic independence. The women who need Dress for Success’ services come from a wide variety of backgrounds, with many different reasons why they … Read More