We can’t ‘change’ habits, but we can build better ones.

November 15, 2022By sharonCoaching, Goals, Neuroscience, Productivity, Sharon Stanley Consulting, Tips, Uncategorized

When we reflect on our performance it’s common to identify habits we’d like to change. The bad news is, because our brain likes to hardwire everything it can, it’s almost impossible to ‘change’ a habit. However the good news is, it’s relatively easy to create new wiring and thus build positive habits that eventually take … Read More

Looking for a way to support disadvantaged women this International Women’s Day?

March 3, 2022By sharonMaking a difference, Sharon Stanley Consulting, Social Responsibility, Uncategorized

International Women’s Day is right around the corner: 8 March, 2022. This year we are supporting Dress for Success and Empower Hour in their mission to transition more than 700 women from welfare to the workforce. Empower Hour is a pay it forward campaign. We are asking you to pledge one hour of your pay … Read More