1. Take time out to truly reflect on why you started your business.  Are you being true to that initial vision? If not, are you off track and need to reassess and work out how to get back on course? Or is it time to take a new path? Perhaps your values and purpose have changed over time and that’s where your business needs to head too. As Simon Sinek says our ‘why’ – the reason we do what we do, is what inspires individuals and organisations into action.

2. Are you clear on your top values? If not, do a values assessment to understand what your top values are. Values drive our decisions. Plus, when we’re doing work that’s not aligned with our values we feel demotivated, uneasy and even distressed or resentful. I include a personal values identifier workbook in my pre-coaching sessions. You can find details on my 12-week Coaching Program here.

3. Identify your top areas of focus and the goals you want to achieve in each of these areas. Once you’ve defined your goals, map out your strategies and actions to get there.

4. Seek out a coach or a mentor to help you get clear on your goals and keep you accountable, encourage you and celebrate the wins with you.

5. Celebrate those wins – big and small.

6. Make your health and wellbeing a priority. Overwhelm, stress and exhaustion lead to burnout.

7. Embrace innovation and learning – not only does this bring new ideas to your business, but it keeps things fresh, interesting, and inspiring for you.

8. Delegate and/or automate those parts of your business you’re not good at or simply don’t enjoy.

Photo by Chandan Chaurasia on Unsplash.