What we do

Account Management Solutions for Small to Medium Size Businesses 

We help small to medium size businesses of all types, improve your account management offering; designing and implementing bespoke account management solutions, coaching and mentoring individuals and teams and managing specific projects.

Providing solutions to help you deliver greater value to clients, without increasing your headcount, from an interim manager to build or refine your account management offering to ongoing mentoring, support and advice.  


What else we do

Corporate Travel Management Outsource and Consulting Solutions

Our unique experience enables us to provide solutions for both travel management companies (TMCs) and companies looking to engage a travel manager.

If you’re a TMC needing assistance responding to a strategically important request for tender, write a key proposal or manage an important client focused project, we can help.

For small to medium organisations looking for insightful assistance when it comes to your travel management sourcing process, our hands-on experience in the travel buying cycle and industry knowledge can help here too.

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How we do it

By providing expert assistance when and how it suits your business best.  Whether that’s an interim management resource spending time in your business for a few months overhauling your account management process and offering, outsourcing a specific project, pitch or proposal, coaching or mentoring or providing recommendations for you to implement at your own pace. 

We tailor how, how much, how detailed and when to your specific needs.  Short term, longer term or somewhere in between.     

Why we do what we do

We’re passionate about excellence in account management and the importance of building client relationships to sustain strong businesses and help them thrive. Every business, no matter their size, benefits from an outstanding account management approach.

Our experience

Sharon Stanley has spent over 15 years leading successful sales and account management teams across Asia Pacific.  With experience working with and within a diverse range of industries, Sharon understands the complexity of selling to a broad scope of organisations, and that at the end of the day good account management is about selling value. 


Can we help you?

We’d love to talk to you about your specific sales and account management challenges, projects or resourcing needs.  Contact me for a confidential discussion on how we could help you meet your goals, objectives and resourcing needs.

Sharon Stanley

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