It’s only 5 more sleeps to Christmas and like many businesses I’m busily wrapping up projects in time to down tools for a couple of weeks and enjoy the Christmas/Summer break.

2017 has been a good year for my business thanks to my fabulous clients and some exciting projects I’ve had the opportunity to work on with them this year.

The projects have been varied.  I’ve managed tender responses for strategic pieces of business that were anywhere from medium sized, to big, to really, really big.  And I’ve helped businesses to prepare for important sales presentations.

There have been business assessment projects: helping clients get a handle on how they deal with their clients and whether their products and services are meeting their client and prospect needs.  Corporate travel programs have been reviewed, analysed and best practice recommendations put in place.  There have been evaluations and copywriting of sales collateral and websites.  And of course there has been mentoring and coaching.

Helping business is what I really love to do, and it’s been a pleasure to do so with longstanding and new clients this year.  I am looking forward to even bigger and better opportunities to help my clients shine in 2018.

This year has also been a year focused on learning and development, for example building my copywriting skills and pursing my International Coaching Federation accreditation through the NeuroLeadership Institute’s Result’s Coaching System (drawing on how the brain works to improve thinking and performance) .  I’m looking forward to rolling out a new coaching program in 2018.

So to all of my fabulous clients that make my job so interesting and enjoyable, thank you.

No matter what, how or where you’re celebrating this festive season, may it bring you and your families, joy, love and laughter and may your 2018 provide abundance in whatever is important to you.