Sharon Stanley has been writing professionally for more than 10 years; her success in writing compelling sales material for large organisations  evolved into copywriting for her own client base, a blog and then contributing articles to trade publications. 

Sharon is available to write for magazines, online publications and other news sites.  

With many years experience writing to meet non-negotiable response submission timeframes, Sharon is a stickler for meeting deadlines.  She is a self-starter when it comes to sourcing interviews, case studies and researching data.  

Sharon has studied multiple writing courses through the Australian Writer’s Centre including; copy writing, creative writing, travel writing and freelance writing. 

Sharon has also studied with the NeuroLeadership Institute, bringing a neuroscience lens to relevant articles.  

Some examples of Sharon’s work: 

TIME website 12 March 2021

KarryOn 14 January 2021

KarryOn 8 January 2021

Travel Daily 16 November 2018

Travel Daily 5 October 2018

Proud AWC graduate
Proud AWC graduate
Proud AWC graduate